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Anyone who visits the Sir102.org website is a "user." There are three basic types of users: Master Administrator, Logged In / Authenticated, and Anonymous.

Master Administrator

This user has the ID one (1). User of ID one (1) is the primary admin user account created during Drupal installation. This user is very special because it has permission to do absolutely everything on the site.

Logged In /Authenticated

A user who has been registered for the website with their user name and email address. If a user logs in they are an Authenticated user, if they do not they are an Anonymous user. An Authenticated user can be assigned to one or more roles which grant them permissions specific to the roles assigned. See Roles and Permissions

The SIR 102 website does not permit users to register themselves thus denying web-bots the ability to create bogus users.


Any user visiting the SIR102 website and has not logged in. They have very limited permissions. See Roles and Permissions