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The Membership Chairman is to produce a monthly report for each Branch BEC meeting which covers all additions and reductions to the active membership as well as other useful and important membership status information.

What's in the report

Primarily the report lists all membership additions and reductions for the current reporting period which starts on the day of the last BEC meeting and ends on the day before the next upcoming meeting. So for example if the next BEC is 8/11//2015 the report title will be Aug 11, 2015 Membership Report and the time frame covered by the report is listed on the title would be July 14 thru August 10.

Report Sections

Current Transaction
This section lists all current period membership transactions in two sections: Additions, and Reductions. Within each of these sections the member transactions are listed alphabetically by status and the by member badge number within each status.
Rolling 13 Month Membership Trend
To give a quick sense as to whether or not the Branch membership is growing, this section lists the active membership count as of the BEC meeting for the current reporting month and for preceding 12 months in ascending date order. The current active membership is also listed in bold in the upper left of the report immediately below the logo. It is this number which should be reported as the current membership count in both the Form 27 and Form 28.
A list of all members with a Branch membership status of "Inactive" with each member's badge number and date on which he was added to the Inactive List. The members are listed in ascending "As of" date order, i.e. oldest inactive fist and newest inactive last.
A list of all prospects with a membership status of "Pending" the date of the meeting in which they submitted an application and, if sponsored, their sponsor's name. In normal flow of of the new membership process, a guest attends his first meeting and submits his application for membership. His status is set to "Pending" and he become eligible for membership vote upon his attendance at the next meeting. At his second meeting he is introduced to the BEC and a post meeting vote is conducted.
A list of all guest's who have been registered to attend the the current month's luncheon.
A list of all active Branch members who have been awarded an HLM status. The list is descending order by the HLM award date and also includes the current tenure (Luncheon date - As of date divided by 365) of each HLM.
Grace Membership Status
This is a list of all active members who have not made their annual Branch dues payment by 12/31/2015. On January 1st of each year the system automatically changes such member's status frm "Current" to "Grace". After 75 days if the member still has not paid his annual dues the system will automatically change their status to "Terminated." When a member renews his membership, the process changes his status back to "Current". Grace members are treated as an active members.
Transactions to be Reported to State
This section lists any members with changes which should be reported to state SIR. Changes to be reported include:
  • A change in the member holding any of the roles reported on Form 20
  • Transfer, resignation or death of an HLM
  • Any active member attaining the age of 90, 95 or 100. A Senior Certificate Order Form should be submitted to the State Certificates Chairman in order to obtain senior certificate for presentation to the member.

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How to generate the report

The data used in the report all comes from the CiviCRM database. However, a Microsoft Access© database, which must be installed on the users computer, is used to create the monthly Membership Report.
  1. Open the Access database named CiviCRM.accdb (short-cut "CiviCRM Access").
  2. Using the application menus, click "02 - Membership Reporting"
    1. then click "01 - Membership Reports" Membership Reporting.png and
    2. then click the "Monthly BEC Member Report" button.
  3. A "Monthly Membership Report" dialog box is opened, click the button representing the appropriate month's report to be generated.
  4. Respond to next dialog box question: "Do you wish to Update/Rebuild the YTD membership transactions?"
    1. Typically the answer is Yes as membership changes have been made in which case it will take up to a couple of minutes to complete report processing.
    2. Observe in the bottom of the Access form status messages and a progress meter are displayed indicating the progress thus far.
  5. Review the displayed report to determine if all transactions have been reflected correctly and completely.
    1. If the report is correct, create a pdf by right clicking on the report preview and selecting Print.
    2. Save the report pdf in the sir102 Membership report folder on your computer.
    3. Name the pdf using the following naming convention.
      1. yyyy-mm Membership Report
      2. Example: 2015-08 Membership Report.pdf for the August 2015 BEC meeting report.

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How to post the report to website

  1. Log-in to the SIR 102 website
  2. Place cursor over the Membership tab and select "Membership Reports"
  3. Under "MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP REPORTS TO BEC" tile click on Edit
  4. Scroll down form to "Add a new file"
  5. Click "Choose Files"
  6. Windows Explorer will open, navigate to the folder with monthly report, click on it and click "Open" button at bottom of form
  7. Windows Explorer will close and web browser will show the selected file name between the "Choose Files" and "Upload" buttons
  8. Click the "Upload" button and the website
  9. When the upload has completed the report will be displayed as the last report in the list.
  10. Using cross symbol to the left of the report name drag the report to the top of the list
  11. Click the Save button at the bottom of the web page

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Managing the report details

Transactions are date based

The membership "Start Date" and "End Date" control whether a change in membership status is included in the current month's report.
Additions - To be included in the current month's report the membership "Start Date" must fall within it's start and end period
Reductions - To be included in the current month's report the membership "End Date" must fall within it's start and end period

Transaction notes

CiviCRM Notes can be used to provide explanation details to the membership transaction. The body section of the note is what is included in the report.
Additions - The Note Subject must be 'Addition'
Sponsored new member transactions automatically pick up the sponsor's name as the transaction note.
Reductions - - The Note Subject must be 'Reduction'
The Note body should contain a brief explanation for the reduction, e.g.
- Went on Inactive list due to health issues
- Resigned for personal reasons
- Moved out of the area, etc.

Inactive processing

Going on the Inactive list
A member going on the Inactive list reduces the current membership count and therefore will be included in the Monthly Membership Report
Steps to put a member on the list
1. Set the membership End Date to a date within the current reporting period
2. Override membership status and set to "Inactive"
3. Save these changes
4. Memorialize reason by adding a Member Note with a subject of "Reduction" to the member
Return to Active status
A member returning from the Inactive list increases the current membership count and therefore will be included in the Monthly Membership Report
Steps to remove a member from the list
1. Set the membership Start Date to a date within the current reporting period
2. Set the membership End Date to 12/31/yyyy where "yyyy" is the current year
3. Override membership status and set to "Activated"
4. Save these changes
5. If membership renewals are being collected, click the "Renewal" option on the membership summary line
1. Be sure "Record Renewal Payment" check box is selected/checked
2. Be sure the dues amount is correct
3. Set "Payment Status" is set to "Pending"
6. Otherwise, click the "Contributions" tab and then "Record Contribution ..." button
1. Set "Financial Type" to "Branch #102 Dues"
2. Enter "Amount" of dues
3. Set "Contribution Status" to "Pending"
7. Add a "Return from Inactive status" Member Note with a subject of "Addition" to the member
Resign from Branch
A member resigning from the Inactive list does not change the current membership count and therefore will not be included in the Monthly Membership Report
1. Set the membership End Date to the last day of the prior reporting period, i.e. the day before the most recent luncheon meeting
2. Override membership status and set to "Resigned"
3. Memorialize reason by adding a Member Note with any subject to the member

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