General menu maintenance

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Log-in to the SIR 102 website

Required Permissions

A user with Structure Editor permissions may add new menu items as well as change or delete existing items. Menu additions should be handled through the Create basic page procedure.

Drupal menu

  • Click the Structure menu item and select/click Menus

Locate Main menu

Locate the line beginning with Main menu and select/click list links and a hierarchical display of the Main menu links will be presented


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Menu Link Display

MenuMaint MenuLink.png

  • Use the cross preceding each link to drag (left click and hold the button down) and drop a menu item to a new position
  • In the Enabled column, un-check an item to remove it from the website menu display without actually deleting the content or the menu item
  • Use the Edit link to update the menu item properties

Menu Properties

MenuMaint EditLink.png

  • Menu link title box to change the menu title
  • Path - Do NOT make any changes to this system generated value
  • Description box to change the menu item's help text
  • Enabled check box to enable (checked) or disabled (unchecked) the menu item
  • Show as expanded check box to have any children to automatically display as expanded (checked), if unchecked the parent item must first be selected to see the child menu items
  • Parent link may be used to change where the current item is displayed in the menu. However, it's much easier to use the drag and drop method described above in "Use the cross"
  • Weight also controls positioning menu item position within the current tree segment. The more negative the number the higher in the tree segment the item will be positioned. Conversely, the larger the positive number the lower in the tree segment the item will be positioned
  • Select/click the Save button at the bottom of the display to save any changes

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