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Log-in to the SIR 102.org website

Go to the CiviCRM Back-end Membership Database

Drupal CiviCRM Link.png

Click the CiviCRM menu link, located in the upper left corner of the website, to access the membership database.

Export Procedure

Select Current Membership

  1. Click the Search menu link and select Find Contacts
    1. Use the IN any group option 01 MS Find Contacts.png
    2. and enter "#102 membership current" which is a Smart list of current branch members
    3. Click on Search button after a bit of time a search results page will be displayed
      02a EMS Search Results.png
  2. Click on All nnn records from the Select Records option list where nnn is the current count of new and active members
    1. Enter Export in the Actions option box and select Export Contacts 02b EMS Select ALL.png

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Setup Export Options

  1. After a bit of time Export Options (step 2 of 3) will be displayed
    1. Click Select fields for export option03a EMS Select fields Use mapping.png
    2. Enter "Export membership for State" in the Use Saved Field Mapping option box
      this is the name of a custom field mapping created for this procedure
    3. Click on the Continue button
  2. After a bit of time Export Options (step 3 of 3) will be displayed 04a EMS Select Fields to Export.png
    1. Click on Export
  3. After a bit of time Opening CiviCRM_Contact_Search.csv dialog box will be opened 05 EMS Export OK.PNG
    1. Select the Open with option.
      Should Excel not be the default program for CSV files, you will need to additionally click the Browse... button to Select Microsoft Excel
    2. Click on OK
      An Excel spread sheet of the exported data will be displayed

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Save Results as Excel Spreadsheet

  1. In Microsoft Excel
    06 EMS Excel Csv file.png
    1. Click File ... Save As
      save the exported spreadsheet to a desired folder on your PC with the name you choose

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Finish Export Process

  1. In CiviCRM click on the Done button