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To edit existing content:


Log-in to the SIR 102 website

Required Permissions

A user must have either Content Editor or Administrator permissions to be able to edit Basic Pages

Two ways to navigate to target content

via Drupal

  1. From the Drupal menu select Content->
  2. Scroll through list of content items
  3. Select/click Edit on the line of the target content

via Website Main Menu

  1. Use the Website Main Menu to navigate to the target content
  2. When the target page is reached, select/click the page Edit tab
  Example page
  • Click on the Edit tab to open the content editing display

Content Editing Controls

EditBasicPage EditControls.png


  • A title is required for every basic page and is used by the system to identify the content
  • The title will always appear as all capital letters regardless of how you enter it
  • The title may be changed from original page creation title


  • To the immediate right of the Body label is a toggle switch between editing the main body, the default, and editing a summary
    • Clicking on (Edit Summary) switches the text area from Body to Summary
    • Clicking on (Hide Summary) switches the text are back from Summary to Body
  • Typically the summary text area is not used except when the content is very long. The formatting controls for both the Summary and Body are the same
  • Enter your text here in the Body and or Summary blocks
  • Use the various text editing icons to format your text or insert a photo
See also Full HTML Text Editing Icons for more information
See Adding a Member Photo to a Basic Page for details on adding a photo to the content

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Text format

  • Full HTML is the best choice in virtually all cases as it provides the most formatting options.

Add New File (text)

  • If you have a file attachment, in txt, doc, docx, pdf or xls format, use the File block to browse your computer for the file and upload to this page.
See Add new file for more details.

Add New File (image)

  • Photo attachments (file format png, gif, jpg or jpeg) may also be added to the page. The process is the same as Add new file (text) above

Menu Settings

  • It is important to leave Provide a menu link in the block checked
  • Positioning in the Main Menu can be changed by selecting a new Parent in the Parent link drop list
See Menu settings for more details


  • Select/click the Save button at the bottom of the display to save all your changes

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