Downloading current member photos

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General Information

Steve Kinsey has written a very easy to use website process to batch download all current member photos into a single zip file.

  • Current members includes all Branch 102 members with a membership status of either New or Current
    • It does not include Branch members with a status of Grace
    • The Grace status is automatically assigned on January 1st to prior year members who have not renewed their membership, and if they have still not done so in 90 days, their status is automatically set to Terminated
  • The zip file, when downloaded, is automatically placed in your web browser's default download folder as or pictures(1).zip or pictures(2).zip, etc. should previous pictures zip download file/s already exist in the folder
    • It is recommended the downloaded zip file be deleted once the photos have been extracted eliminating the possibility of erroneously extracting from a prior, non-current downloaded zip
  • Due to the tools used by the php download routine, 7-Zip File Manager must be used to extract the zipped photos into a local directory
    • 7-Zip File Manager is a free, simple to use program. Steve has provided a link to easily download and install it. See 7-zip download for instructions on this process
    • A specific local folder is REQUIRED by the Photo Directory report, which will be a sub-folder \Photos\Members\ to the parent folder in which the Access CiviCRM.accdb resides. When you select Download Photos (See 2.2 below) Access will check for the proper folders and, if not present, create them. Typically this pathing will be x:\SIR 102\Photos\Members, where x is your normal data drive. Most often this will be either drive C:\ or drive D:\, but can be any fixed or removable read/write drive available on your computer from which you can run CiviCRM.accdb

Steps to Download Member's Photos

  1. Open the Access database named CiviCRM.accdb (short-cut "CiviCRM Access").
  2. Using the application menus, click "02 - Membership Reporting"
    1. then click "01 - Membership Reports" Membership Reports.png and
    2. then click the "Download Photo" button which will open your default browser on the special web-page that Steve created Download Homepage.png
    3. The heading at the top of the web-page indicates the number of current members with photos, 140 members in the example image.
  3. Select/click the button labeled Click to CREATE image zip file to start the process to gather all current member photos into a zip file.
    1. The button will disappear and a Processing Please wait message will appear with a spinning wheel indicating work is progressing. Download ZIP Creation Processing.png
    2. It usually takes at around five minutes for the processing to complete.
  4. When done, a new message will appear with a link Click to DOWNLOAD image zip file Download ZIP Processing Complete.png
    1. Click this link and file will be downloaded to your browser's default download folder
    2. The indicator for the download is complete is browser specific:
      1. Chrome - In the lower-left corner of the browser window the name of the file being downloaded will be displayed along with progress status. When the download is complete, clicking on the file will open Windows File Explorer on the file and show its the full path
      2. FireFox - A dialog box will first be displayed, select the Save File option and click OK. In the upper right corner there is a down arrow, it will change color and a progress indicator will be below it. When the download is complete you can click the arrow and see the file name
      3. Microsoft IE - Not recommended as pages frequently will not display correctly
  5. 7-Zip File Manager is required for extraction of the photos from the zip file to the Required specific local folder. Should you not have this program installed on your computer, Steve has provided a web-page link 7-Zip Download to download and install the program. See 7-zip download for help on this process
    1. Open 7-Zip File Manager Download 7-ZIP File Manager.png
    2. If the starting download directory is not correct, navigate to the correct folder by either using the folder up Arrow (located the to left of the D:\My Downloads\Google\ in the image above) to drill up the folder tree, or in the contents listing below, click on the correct folder to drill down the folder tree.
    3. Once the correct starting folder is selected, select/click on the latest
    4. Now select/click on Extract from the icons at the top of the form and a new dialog will open to set the details of the extraction.
  6. Set the extraction details Download Extraction Details.png
    1. Set the Extract to: file path to the required specific local folder by using the button to the right of the current path to open the Browse folder Folder dialog and navigate to the correct sub-folder. Download Target Location.png
    2. With the required specific local folder selected, close the dialog by clicking on the OK button
    3. Set Path mode: to No pathnames
    4. Select/check the box Eliminate duplication of root folder
    5. Set Overwrite mode: to Overwrite without prompt
    6. Select/click the OK button at the bottom of the page to run the extraction. The extraction details dialog will close and the photos will be downloaded, only taking a second or two.