Create new accounts and set permissions

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Log-in to the SIR 102 website


  1. From the Drupal Menu click People -> Add User
  2. Assign Username, use some form of member's first and last name, perhaps shortened if last name is long
  3. Add member's email address in E-mail address
  4. Leave the Password blank so that the member can easily set his own password
  5. Leave the Status to default Active setting
    1. Former Branch members should either be inactivated (Blocked), or at the very least have his permissions reduced to just Authenticated user
  6. Select (check) one or more Roles to meet the need of the member. Except for members actively maintaining some part of the website, the Role should not be more than Authenticated user. See Roles and Permissions form more information
  7. Click (check) the Notify user of new account check box to send out a notification to a new user and provide a link for him to define his password
  8. Enter the member's First Name and Last Name in the respective box. This information along with his email address will be used to link him to his his CiviCRM Contact record in the database
  9. Select/click Create New account