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To create new content:


Log-in to the SIR 102 website

Required Permissions

A user must have either Content Editor or Administrator permissions to be able to edit Basic Pages

Drupal menu

  1. From the Drupal menu select Content->Add Content
  2. Select the appropriate content type, generally Basic page
See Content types for more information

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Page Content

    BasicPage Create.png

Title box

  • In the Title * box enter a functional title for the new page (entry required)

Body section

  • In the Body section enter the text you as author want or, if you will not be maintaining the page, some placeholder text for the content editor, e.g. "Joe will maintaining this page"
  • See Adding a Member Photo to a Basic Page for details on adding a photo to the content
  • See also Full HTML Text Editing Icons for more information

Text format

  • Change the Text format selection to "Full HTML"
    BasicPage TextFormat.png

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Add a new file (text)

  • Should the owner of this new content provide an attachment file to pre-load in txt, doc, docx, pdf or xls format, use the File block to upload one or more files. See Add new file for more details.

Add a new file (image)

  • Photo attachments (file format png, gif, jpg or jpeg) may also be added to the page. Except for the file format, the process is the same as Add a new file (text)

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Menu settings

  • It is important to select/check Provide a menu link in the Menu settings block in order to make the content easily visible to most users, even anonymous
See Menu settings for more details

Save content

  • Click/select Save to save the new Basic page and create a new menu item.

Review work

  • Review your update by refreshing your browser and then selecting this new menu item.

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